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Brilliant Cotton Scarfs to add to Your Wardrobe

Summers are here and you can never have enough cotton clothes in your wardrobe. For someone who loves scarfs, cotton scarfs are the best way to be trendy during the warm months. Even if you haven’t given them a try during the summers, now is a great time to start. offers a wide range of cotton scarfs for every occasion. There are a few pieces that you must have in your wardrobe for one reason or the other. If you are running short of reasons, which is unlikely, we offer you a few.

Cotton Scarfs

The one scarf that you absolutely must have is the bright, colourful scarf that you can wear with your whites during the summer to offset the neutral tone without overwhelming. This scarf can carry you from a day at work to an evening with friends by just knotting around quickly. Carry it in your handbag and with the swipe of a lipstick, you are good to go.

Another must have style is a trendy print, say in abstract or geometric pattern, in muted tones or pastel shades. This works well with all kinds of outfits and is just right to pair with your work wear or for a formal get-together. Choose colours that are cool and a pattern that is interesting to keep it from being bland. Shingora does a lot of scarfs in soft colours that you are sure to like. Pick one that would complement different pieces in your wardrobe.

No stylish woman can do without a scarf that is a style statement in its own right. Pick one that is truly unique in design and simply throw it around your neck to look chic. The stunning design ensures that the cotton scarf gives you a stylish edge. Wear with skirts, dresses and shorts in a short knot for best effect. Whatever top you are wearing, it comes alive with a statement piece. While everyone else does statement necklaces, create your own style with a trendy cotton scarf around the neck.

Shield yourself from the sun in style. Pick a wide cotton scarf and drape it around you to keep the harsh sun away. Choose any colour and style that you like, but make sure that the scarf gives you ample coverage. The fluidity of the drape makes you look amazing without worrying about the ill effects of the sun on your skin. It is one style that you will soon see everyone aping for the sheer comfort and fashion quotient.

Get a variety of cotton scarfs as they serve a lot of purposes during the summer months, apart from being heralded around the world as fashion imperatives. This is definitely one of those accessories that makes for more the merrier.

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