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Black and Brilliant – Ways to Rock Scarfs with Black Basics

Black is a versatile colour that lends itself to plenty of looks; from making for a sexy look to being very demure, it lets you interpret it in a variety of ways. The right accessories can make it work just the way you want it to. Here are a few ways to style a look around your black basics and a scarf –

Shingora Women Scarf

Steal from the Rainbow -Who says winters have to be dull and dreary? Make them as vibrant as you want with a stunning colourful stole wrapped around your neck. Choose from neons, pastels or bright tones and you will make heads turn in any ensemble. Pick the patterns with care as a bright accessory calls for toning down designs to a minimum.

Shingora solid style Stole

Solid Style – For a day outing, it is best to choose a subtle yet luxurious scarf like those from our website, Go in for a single colour stole in fine finish and team it with your black tops and pullovers. Select a colour that is hot this season such as aqua, crimson, tangerine or sunshine yellow. Without much effort, a simple wrap is all you need to spruce up your look.

being sexy back Shingora Shawl

Bring sexy back – Watch a plain black dress turn sexy with a stylish stole around the neck. Choose a deep toned piece with an intricate yet modern pattern, with a hint of light tones to act as highlights. Think dashes of romantic red, alluring peach, sensuous olive and seductive turquoise to make the most of this style.

Elegance Always Shingora Shawl

Elegance Always – There is nothing like the feel of rich fabric with a graceful pattern. Jewel toned colours come together with paisleys and foliage to make for the most impressive scarfs. Whether you pair it with a dress, a top or a pullover, an elegant scarf will never fail you.

Colour Blocked Shingora Shawl

Colour Blocked – Confident girls are the prettiest and don’t need much. If your sensibilities are simplistic, you would love a colour blocked stole from one of the best scarf manufacturers, Shingora. Whatever other accessories you may choose, it is easy to coordinate them with a stylish multicoloured scarf. A must have piece, keep a colour blocked piece close to keep your style worries at bay.

Mosaic of Patterns Shingora Shawl

Mosaic of Patterns – There are times when too much of a thing is not bad, rather desirable. There are Shingora stoles and scarfs that combine varied patterns to make for a trendy piece. Having such an exclusive piece in your wardrobe is a must to cop perfect style.

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