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Beat the Heat in Style – Scarf to the Rescue!

Beat the Heat in Style Shingora Scarf to the Rescue

As the mercury shoots further up, the only thing that goes down is your will to dress up stylishly. With all that sweat and heat, it is no wonder that many of us resort to cropped tees and pyjamas. It may take a lot of will power but when you dress up, you do feel better instantly. The good news is there are actually ways to dress up sans the effort and still look like a million bucks. Here is how you can be appropriately dressed for everywhere you go.

Shingora scarf as Style DivaShingora scarf as Top

Style Diva: You have to be at a party and you just don’t want to get dressed beyond jeans and a tee… Fret not, there is a suggestion that will take you from drab to fab in a jiffy. Pull out you chicest scarf and just let it cascade down your shoulders with a few glitzy accessories for effect. Make sure the scarf is in itself impressive and not muted or it would lose its impact. Shingora is one stop scarf place that never disappoints!

Top it Up: Getting ready for a girlie get together and hate to wear about everything in your wardrobe? Get your big Shingora scarfs out, like the stunning ones, we have it in our new SS’ 16 collection. Tie it up as a scarf and mesmerise everyone around. Not only does it look very chic, it is the perfect antidote to the sweltering heat.

Upswept Hairdo: Ward off the worst summer woes that mostly arise from having a head full of sweaty hair by tying up your hair. But only a professionally made bun or made by someone who knows how to do it well looks good, the rest end up looking like an orange on the head. To make sure your’s is in a different league, dress up your bun with a small scarf tied around it. Take it from causal to formal by changing the scarf and you will be easily ready for anywhere without much ado.

Scarf to Skirt: We all have that one huge scarf that we love but still don’t know how to tie to make for a stylish look. Fish it out and drape as a wrap-around skirt. Not only will the luxurious fabric fall beautifully, it will be a totally different look from the ones that you sport; a completely summer friendly one at that.

Play around with the accessories that you have in your wardrobe and dress according to the season and there is no way you will not look ravishing every single time.

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