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Are You Ready for Valentine’s? Don’t be caught off-guard with these simple tips

valentines day tips

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air; and so is anxiety to get it right. You want to do everything the right way and are fighting to keep your preparations and spirits high at the same time? Don’t worry, help is here. Simply follow these steps and you just can’t go wrong –

  1. Figure Out Where You Stand- You have met a few times but are not sure where you stand, it may be a good time to make sure. If you have been dating regularly, or are committed, it is definitely the right time. Having clarity about the status of your relationship will help you figure out how much attention and investment you need to put into your gift.
  2. Think of a Budget- You may be head over heels in love or been together for longer than a decade; having a budget is a good idea. Love does make the world go round but it is money that helps you celebrate it; well, to a point. While you might want to consider buying jewellery in a committed relationship, a younger relationship would do just fine with flowers and chocolates.
  3. Narrow down a Gift- Once you have a budget, go and buy the very best. Don’t skimp on quality. Instead of buying a more impressive looking gift from a cheaper brand, choose a gift that is the best from a good brand. So, instead of a synthetic scarf with an ostentatious presentation, but a scarf or pocket square from a renowned luxury brand like Shingora and choose the best wool, silk or blend in your budget.
  4. Getting the Gifting Right- Just getting a gift is only half the battle won. Presentation is key. Think through the place you wish to hand it over, any accessories like a chocolate or a flower bud and if you wish to say something special or do it impromptu. These small details will make a big difference and the gift will mean so much more. Don’t forget to dress right for the occasion. If you are going to be in a formal setting, make sure you dress accordingly and inform the other person in advance, even if it is a surprise. You don’t want them to be dressed in a three piece suit or heels for a trip to the rollercoaster.
  5. Bask in the Glory of Love- You have put in your best and have made the day special for the both of you in every way you could. Now what; just relax and enjoy the attention that your assertion of love will get you. If it is not worth celebrating and putting in so much effort, it is not worth it.

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