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A Cultural Icon Reinterpreted – Safari Peacock by Shingora

As the national bird of India, the peacock is a much revered bird that has been celebrated as a cultural icon over ages. Even before it became the national bird, it has garnered its fair share of fame by being a traditional motif that reverberates across mediums. From heritage building to grandmas sarees to heirloom shawls, it has enjoyed the spotlight and continues to do so. Shingora approaches this icon with a mix of contemporary and traditional touch. The execution of this scarf is at the same time irreverent and yet, a homage to an enigmatic motif that defies the passage of time. Safari Peacock is our tribute to the Peacock.


Safari Peacock is a part of the Safari Pop collection which revolves around a lifestyle that embraces travel as a way of life. These travels inspire the motifs and iconography of these scarves. From Zulu baskets, afro-geometric prints to camouflage and a cocktail of global patterns, the collection encapsulates each cherished aspect that you might have encountered on your travels. Heralding glamping, festivals and all the good things in life, it puts forth colour choices and patterns that will excite you and inspire you.


Safari Peacock is crafted in pure silk net fabric adorned with an elaborately designed peacock. Luxurious not just to look at but also in feel and fall, it is a piece you can carry at any time of the year. The traditional peacock gets revamped with modern touches in the form of micro motifs that have been inspired by an African safari. Soft geometrics find themselves intermixed with hand illustrations and the hard edges are softened with delicate brushstrokes. As playful as the bird itself, the plume is a myriad collection of designs and patterns. The graceful outline is combined with geometric micro motifs that lend it a quirky yet endearing quality. The hexagonal pattern splashed all over the scarf is set besides vines in similar hues. The harmonious expression of modern and traditional patterns is just what appeals to the cosmopolitan woman.


The border on one edge is an undulating vine and on the opposite edge, it is a Zulu pattern. The hand executed detailing lifts it above the ordinary and makes it a truly regal piece. Safari Peacock comes in two beautiful colour palettes. Choose the Safari palette for earthy and warm colour tones. The Pop palette puts forth a beautiful expression in pink and purple pop tones.


Perfect to carry on your next vacation or to drape with your formals for an evening out, the collection is available online here or at a Shingora store near you. Shop and make your wardrobe come alive with memories of your voyages.

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