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7 Ways to Fix ‘I have Nothing to Wear’!

7 Ways to Fix I have Nothing to Wear

If you are like most women, you too are plagued by a lack of the perfect attire in your wardrobe. You may have closets upon closets of clothes, in fact the frequency of feeling you have nothing to wear is directly proportional to the amount of clothes you have. To guide you through the quagmire, here a few tips to help –

Start with a piece of jewellery

1. Start with a piece of jewellery – Pick a neckpiece, a ring, a pair of statement earrings or even a stunning anklet and create a look that showcases that piece. It takes the pressure off of choosing the perfect outfit and allows you to get more creative with your wardrobe.

Center your look around a scarf

2. Center your look around a shingora scarf – The importance of good quality, trendy scarfs cannot be stressed enough. If you have a great collection, it will never go out of style and let you style your wardrobe in a million ways. Choose a scarf that you love and think of what you can wear with it to highlight it. The focus is not on your attire but the scarf, so even a plain neutral dress will be perfect.

Choose shoes that give you a high

3. Choose shoes that give you a high – All of us have that one pair that we adore but don’t wear it as much as we would like to. Make them the star of the outfit and find something to wear that will let them take centre stage. Even a simple pair of ripped jeans and a tee will do or palazzos with a dressier top for a more formal look.

Re-accessorize an old favorite

4. Re-accessorize an old favorite – Find an oft-worn dress that you know looks good on you and give it a whole new look. Team it with a statement neckpiece or a bold watch with the fanciest earrings you have. Simply foregoing the usual things that you team with a dress refreshes the look.

Focus on your best feature and accentuate it

5. Focus on your best feature and accentuate it – If you have slim waist or long legs, play them up. Forget fashion and pick style. Old favorites or classic new pieces will never let you down for they work around your strengths.

Ask a friend to put together an outfit for you

6. Ask a friend to put together an outfit for you – You have analysed every piece in your wardrobe so many times that you can barely think of offbeat combinations amongst what you already have. Get a friend or someone else coordinate an outfit for you from your wardrobe. You will be surprised at the number of options you did not consider.

go shopping

7. Go shopping!

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