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5 Places to Head to for Style Inspiration

Every once in a while you need to reinvent yourself through your style. How we dress up has a lot of bearing on our personality, so we do our best to look well dressed. There are friends whose dress sense everyone admires, you could try to emulate them but should still retain your individuality. At times when this won’t do, there are other places that could serve as inspiration and help you add unique accents to your style of dressing.

Fashion Blogs

1. Fashion Blogs – On of the easiest places to head to for inspiration, and also the best, are fashion blogs. Find a blogger whose style you admire and follow them. Or follow the celebrities whose style you identify with and seek inspiration from their pictures. Whether you are looking for a style to dress you up through the season or a particular look, you can easily find something at one of the good blogs, or even on Pinterest or Instagram. Some of the most interesting fashion blogs around are,,, etc.

Shingora Luxury AW 16 at amazon india fashion week outside fashion weeks

2. Fashion Weeks – If you can drop in to a fashion week, hit it. Even if you don’t have front row passes, the crowd around offers ample inspiration, as do the stalls and exhibition areas. The colour schemes, drapes on dummies and a range of other things can greatly add to your style repertoire. The recent Amazon India Fashion Week is a case in point, whether you visited accessories stalls like that of Shingora or just sat back and enjoyed a coffee, there was enough creativity to last you a few weeks.

Shopping Malls

3. Shopping Malls – Why don’t you head to the neighbourhood mall and get some retail therapy. Nothing compares to the high of trying on latest trends and figuring out if they work for you. While something may look nice on someone else, it may not work for you. The best way to find out is to try them on. Hence, retail therapy beats style stress any day.

Chic Eaters

4. Chic Eateries – One of the best things about eating out at a nice place is that the experience involves more than just taste buds. Looking at the well dressed divas is sure to set your mood for some serious shopping.

Fashion Glossies

5. Fashion Glossies – One thing that is never going to let you down is the good old fashion glossies. Pages upon pages of visual stimulation is bound to leave you with ideas and a long list of must buys for a chic dressing season. With these places to head to, there is always a chance of getting acquainted with a fresh new fashion or trend or at least stumble upon something that eggs you on to try something new.

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