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5 Pieces for a Scintillating Summer Wardrobe

5 Pieces for Summer Wardrobe

Summer is around the corner and being ready is everything when it comes to style. Here are five pieces that you must have in your wardrobe to look tuned in to fashion.

asos dress

Calf length skirts with front slit

The chicest skirts of the season are not the shortest ones but those that skim around the calf. If it has a front slit, even better. Choose the cut that flatters you most, but a streamlined look shaves of excess weight, giving you a leaner silhouette. Pairs effortlessly with shirts for a casual look or a formal top for a dressier look.

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Pointed footwear

The shape of things to come is definitely pointed. Shoes for one are getting the point. Chicer and more stylish, they will take you from casual to formal easily. Get them in a few basic tones and styles but start with nude for sure.

asos short dress

Denim Everything

Denim is big for yet another season and this time around everything from outfits to footwear and accessories are turning denim blue. And it is no faux pas to wear a few denim pieces together, provided you do it with style. Vary the tone, add a piece that will pull it all together and you are good to go.

Shingora Luxury Scarf

Vibrant Summer Scarfs

Summer fabrics like cotton, linen and modal make for great additions to the wardrobe. Choose brilliant colors and vivid prints to celebrate true summer style. Abstracts are big this season as are multi-colored pieces. Don’t leave without one whether you are going to office, a party of lounging with friends in jeans, a skirt or a dress. It is indispensable as it effortlessly pulls any look together.

Small bag

Mini Bags

You ever felt weighed down by the enormous bags that were the rage and wondered why there are no smaller bags available? well, fret not for this is the season for mini bags that offer all the style, minus the bulk. Get shopping for you definitely don’t want to be spotted carrying a huge one that is so last season.

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